Stock Photos: blond

Feeling a little bit tired already
Being extremely careful with time
Ready to conquer swimming world
Well, let's try skating training
Almost ready for training time
Gonna do exercises with green ribbon
Well, it's been ages since i've been skating last time
Gymnastics is a show of perception
Well, let's start the ice skating training
Black is my brightest color
Discovering world is my hobby and work
Sailor's work is a hard duty to take
Cooking sweet treats are my kind of hobby
Ok, let's start the working time
Ready to start work time
Contemplating time goes by
Investigating is my passion
Well, how about we take few photos?
How about a small photoshoot, huh?
Monitoring things that are happening
Trying to catch a good shot
Portrait of a young businesswoman
Well, i've been thinking about something
Young mind full of knowledge
Let's get straight to business
Discussing important things while having coffee
Great company and friends' talk
When girls' conversation gets interrupted
Little kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Absorbed in inner thoughts
Distracted from the outside world
Counting time till the very minute
Well, let's start training session
Well, let's start training session time
Swimming is my passion and work
It's time to start training time
Well, ready to start the swimming training
Black is the most elegant color
Noir is a state of soul and actions
Well, gonna try my best at doing my work
Getting ready to start the work day
Well, and what should i prepare, huh?
Gonna try my best at cooking sweets
Famale sailor sitting at the table with marine rope on it and holding sailor cap
Paying attention to the time
Cigarette smoking is my favorite thing to do
Fashion photography is my passion
Taking a closer look on things there
Taking a closer look to all these things
Pretty young girl sitting at the table and holding red camera
She's the future of business
Maybe you wanna talk to me?
So, got a lot of stuff to read about
Can someone give me an explanation, huh?
Three girls having coffee and seriously looking into a camera
Great company and friends' talk
When girls' conversation gets interrupted
Wanted to say something to us or what?
Untroubled by anything
Stay calm and enjoy life