Stock Photos: man

Preparing myself mentally before swimming competition
Swimmer's routine is about to start
Right in the mood for training session
Sailor sitting at the table with marine rope on his neck and looking aside
Sailor work requires devotion
Work time is about to start
Guessing what could it be
So, i've made up my mind
Seeing some best dreams
Well, i've been thinking about something
Can someone give me an explanation, huh?
There's no sense worrying
The captain of his own life
Handsome middle-aged man standing straight
Absorbed in inner thoughts
Young traveller sitting at the table and planning a trip
Ready to start sailor's work day
Ready for hard work day
Proud sailor sitting at the table and holding rope
Thinking about all that hard work
Cooking process isn't easy
Trying to be creative about cooking
Man in formal clothes talking on the phone
Maybe you wanna talk to me?
In the middle of intensive teamworking
Handsome older man looking right to the camera
Well, what's looming on the horizon?
Little kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Untroubled by anything
Stay calm and enjoy life