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How often should i feed it?
Today pink is my mood
Today pink is my mood
Honey, are you sure about being makeup artist?
Gosh, these sweet buns taste like heaven
Young guy looking on tablet while old woman lifting hand weights
What a nice piece of work you've done
Don't try to accuse me of what's not true
What were you thinking when you were doing it?
When you're done finishing the huge piece of work
Young businesswoman holding papers with unexpected expression on her face
This article is just amazing
Allow me to present myself to you
I have no words actually to describe my feelings
Civility comes first
The quality of file you can read from my face
Pleased you've decided to join our company!
Elegant business woman holding a cup of coffee and looking aside
I need to find there something
I should talk to boss about it
Not sure if i like the zips, but the overall look is pretty nice
Confident young businesswoman holding a cup of coffee
Wondering what could've gone wrong here
Friendly and powerful women team
Oh, these numbers aren't good at all
Oh, these numbers aren't good at all
Are you sure?
Not sure where to start
Today pink is my mood
Wow, what a wonderful smell
Granny, you sure outdone yourself this time!
Not sure if i'm daydreaming or just sleeping already
So, what we're gonna do about it?
No, you just listen to this, it's genius
Attractive young office worker holding bunch of papers
Whaat? don't talk to me like that
You know, it's not good at all
Happy to finally meet you in person
Always important to keep the face of the company
We've heard a lot of nice things about you
Involved in proofreading the material before deadlines' closure
Presenting myself to get in touch
It's an honour to get myself presented to you
Wait a minute, are you sure about what you're saying?
One more document review and i'll be sick
Well, i didn't mean it when was saying that...
Always can rely on my colleagues
Not sure if the job is so troublesome or the problem is me
Work time in the best female company ever
So, who wants to tell the boss?
So, who wants to tell the boss?
Here the list ends
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