A thoughtful young woman sitting next to a piano
When you try to develop all skills on 100 percent
Knitting here kinda brings me to my safe zone
I'm so glad in childhood mum taught me how to do this
Guess, i'm more likable like bouquet face miss
Young attractive girl looking at puzzle
At least i've found a way to express myself
Ready to some brainstorm to do, huh?
Grandma would proud of me
Don't look at me, i like cactuses more than roses
These colors, this odor, life is full of enjoyment
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
Young attractive girl lies on her arm at the table near the chessboard
Just taking a minute to think over the ideas
A hobby to relax and show all my imagination
Thinking about what should i draw next
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
I'm gonna be one of a kind with this self made look
Young attractive girl working on puzzle
I'm wondering if i ever will be able to finish it
I'm starting getting into this painting therapy
Cactuses are just like my soul
How about some friendly battle, huh?
Let's take a play, wanna see how good are you at these things
This isn't as hard as i thought
Young attractive woman sitting at table with a chessboard on it
Gonna do some more pots of these, they're good, no?
Young attractive woman cutting a flower
Female chess player
Female chess player
Waiting for the company to start the real fun
Guess, it's time to start the artistic work
Drawing is quite my hobby to do
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
Oh, yeah, whatever
Here the list ends
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