Stock Photos: blond girl

Little kid girl and santa sitting together
No, gift we're wrapping isn't for you
Grandparents looking at each other while her granddaughter playing with toy
Grandparents and kid girl granddaughter sitting at the table with open book
Getting new knowledge together
How lovely is that cartoon
Grandmother and granddaughter writing a letter to santa together
Look grandma, i'll show you what's trendy in the internet now
Lovely mother-daughter time
Let's choose this one!
Young mother and a little daughter
How beautiful, dear!
Your drawing is wonderful
We are walruses!
Exploring the digital world with mom
Just having great time and preparing for christmas
Look at her, isn't she just precious human being?
Seems like we've found some interesting fact
Reading book with grandparents is even more interesting
Grandmother and granddaughter using digital tablet together
What do you want for christmas?
Will santa write me back?
Learning new things with mom
How is that called?
Happy family time
You are learning very fast
Let's see what we can do with it
I want to be like my mom in everything
Having fun with mommy
I love playing with a slinky