Well, he already knows more than i do
Guess what our favourite tv show is?
Look, he's gonna kill him!
What a suspense!
Look, mom, everything is cleared up
Guess you didn't know that!
The pleasure of reading together with my son
What have you found there, sweety?
Listen to this track, mom
They love spending time together
Just having great time and preparing for christmas
Look at her, isn't she just precious human being?
Seems like we've found some interesting fact
Reading book with grandparents is even more interesting
Enjoying all this time together
Enjoying all this time together
A big future ahead of you, dear...
Chilling at home together
That's the best comedy we've ever seen
Anything is fun when we are together
We love all the same movies with my son
I'm not letting you go, sweety
You're doing great, dear!
What a nice voice, dear!
You're doing great, dear!
Mom, i'm a big boy...
No, gift we're wrapping isn't for you
Grandparents looking at each other while her granddaughter playing with toy
Grandparents and kid girl granddaughter sitting at the table with open book
Getting new knowledge together
Cherishing moments like this
Cherishing moments like this