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Dear god, give me the strength
Hell, i'm dead on my feet
Too much stuff
Mister, what do you think you're doing!
Creation procces can be so interesting
For making good business you need to have good sense of humouor
Should i also style my hair a bit or is it too much for a one minute communication with a pizza man
Too many feelings
Hey boy, let's not talk too much grab on my waist and let's have a dance of our lives
Too much stuff
How will i cope on my own?
Gosh, way too many appointments
You call this coffee? this is rubbish!
Look, isn't it just great?
Honey, you're acting a little bit weird
Sometimes i think i love avocados too much
Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, dance and sing when no one's actually watching and listening 'cause it's too much for one person to handle
Here the list ends
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