touching beard

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Good looking aged man talking on the phone and touching beard
Aged couple having coffee and watching movie on tablet
Involved in thoughts mature professor bitting eyeglasses
Having quite a lot to laugh about in the office
Having quite a lot to laugh about in the office
How do you like my style, huh?
Good looking older man standing in profile
Well, nice talking to you, old man
Who the hell are you, man?
Hey, i'm just fooling around here
Hey, what are you talking about?
He's been caught by surprise
Gosh, too many chimneys...
No one is supposed to see santa
What seems to be the trouble?
Do you take any medicines?
Happy to know that you got well
What are your symptoms?
Today you look much better!
I warn you that smoking is bad for you
What? you forget to take your pills?
Have you read this article?
The captain of his own life
Who me?
Don't you dare come near me!
Come here and have a hug
Kiddo, are you sure you want this for christmas?
Well, santa looks tired a little
Little kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Wow, santa got me stuffed deer this year
Are you sure these all presents are for me?
Old professor touching his beard and reading a book attentively
Excited aged man holding ipad and pointing on it
A woman standing next to a man in a red tie
You are my treasure
Accurate style is everything when it comes to fashion
Oh, look who's here!
What a joy to meet you at last!
Let me tell you something, man
Man, you are crazy
Age and experience made him wise and strong
Shhh... you don't see me, okay?
Can you keep a secret?
Don't be late for your next appointment
First you will have to answer a few questions
You need to pass a medical check-up immediately
It's time for your physical check up, don't you think?
What? you forget to take your pills?
How are you feeling these days?
I'm listening to you very carefully
What seems to be the trouble?
Let them think that i'm reading...
What?.. alarming news about beards?
And there i was, carrying a banner...
Give me your word you won't do that again
Dear me! what a shame!
Kid girl trying if santa's beard is real
But kiddo, i don't have so many gifts
Kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Seems like i left without present this year
You can do better, man