Stop please! i can't stand this kind of music
Thumb down vote
I just refuse to accept it
You know, you really hurt me
Please, say no more
I can't believe it
Don't be a grumpy, come here
So far there's nothing i can do, so...
Got a little bit sick of these stuff
Yeap, there's nothing to do
It sucks, you know
Silently judging you
You disappoint me
What do i have to study to become a cloud
Taken by surprise
Young beautiful woman showing disapproving gesture
I never approved of those things
It seems i've got split ends
I'm a little bit tired today
Yes, i'm listening very carefully
Is something wrong with my hair?
So what do we do?
Young girl with unsatisfied facial expression holding her hand next to her chin
Can't believe that this happened
Definitely not in the mood today
Judging coffee quality like a pro
Judging coffee quality like a pro
It be like that sometimes
When your life crumbles before your eyes and you have no power to stop it
Pretending to think over something serious thing so no one would dare to bother you and other ways to sabotage the work of the whole department
What am i doing here