valeria Stock Photos

Hey, look at my brand new blue and black jacket!
Mastering the art of looking nonchalantly beautiful
It has pockets!
I am an introvert, being lost in thoughts is my default setting
Sudden nice thoughts
I will never let the numbers make me feel bad about myself
Beauty standards is a harmful concept and i'm not gonna tolerate it
This is gonna be loud
Nice things and warm smiles
I am super enthusiastic about today's workout
So, you're trying to tell me that these numbers have something to do with my attractiveness? lies, lies
Measuring my waist? what for? i know i'm just perfect even without it
Why does she keep doing that? i really enjoy my salad!
Sorry, but i've already set my priorities
A side view
A frontal view
A frontal view, smiling
A three-quarter back view
This evening promises to be really fancy
Ready to have some fun
Know how to look great for the evening
Young plus-size model in red evening dress looking aside and shouting using megaphone
Never-ever could've i imagined that
Confident inside and outside as never
True and valuable beauty is what really matters
Nothing can bring my mood down
'cause true beauty isn't about measurement
Looking good and feeling just great
Being happy with yourself is what really matters
This is called fashion, baby, look it up
Thinking back to the moment i've spent half of my money on this outfit and still loving every single stripe
What do people do in their leisure time
I'm illegally cute today and you can't deny it
Welcoming a new day with a warm smile
Time to break those awful beauty standards, literally
I wonder how much this bell pepper weights
Sport makes me happy
Strong, energetic and absolutely happy
It'd suit perfectly as a belt for this jumpsuit
Take this, i don't need it
90x60x90? how about perfect x perfect x perfect?
Oh my god, she really bought a doughnut just to try and lure me into this sugary trap again
A three-quarter frontal view
A back view
A three-quarter back view
All thoughts are about evening ahead
Ready to loosen up a little
Predicting that this night is gonna be just amazing
Expressing my thoughts as loud as i can
Speaking out loud our rights and duties!
What to say? i worked really hard for it
Great and healthy body isn't about measurements
measurements don't create the beauty
Being so comfortable with myself
Being myself and not changing anything
Loving yourself means love your body too
Are there rules about body shape?