white chocolate cake

Reading got me pensive
Cooking sweet treats are my kind of hobby
Who wants to try home made croissants?
Baking is my passion and my hardwork to do
So, what i'm proposing here is...
Sign here, please
Discussing architecture stuff is awlays a challenge
You're a plumber superhero!
Seems. i've got to take a little break
Good news, i repaired your broken pipe
I don't know how it happened
And how about we get something new there?
Sharing thoughts with my architect colleague
Let's see what happened
Working on architecture project
When your coworker came up with a great idea
Typical architecture work day
Oh, renovation time is so much fun
Let's start the renovation
We will complete the plan next week, it's for sure
I don't want to hear this anymore
Look, we get some amendments right here
Engineer colleagues having disagreement
When you doubt the professionalism of your colleague
We will complete the plan next week, it's for sure
This worked well before, i swear!
Talking about work stuff with engineer colleague
Getting ready to start the work day
Well, and what should i prepare, huh?
Gonna try my best at cooking sweets
Well, gonna try my best at doing my work
Seems like i've got a lot to think about
Thinking it's gonna be just a great dessert
Having great discussion time the colleague
Talking about architecture work stuff
Professional plumber and a young woman
Thanks for your help!
Amendments have to do with this part of construction
I fixed all the leaks in your house so no more problems
Describe me the problem in details, please
Creation procces can be so interesting
Discussing architecture's work with my colleague
Thinking about creaziest ideas ever
We definitely should so this, you know
Sharing work thoughts with the colleague
Architects team mind in action
Yeah, we're gonna rock this building
Yeah, we're gonna rock this building
Engineer colleagues having a trouble
Female engineer giving instructions to male foreman
Sometimes this is the only way to get things clear
Inspecting the construction site
Who could have foreseen such a thing?
I don't accept this behavior
Look, here are some new ideas
Please, pay particular attention to these premises
The pleasure is mine, madam, i assure you
Sailor's work is a hard duty to take
Well, have a lot on my mind to think about
Giving a thought to all work ideas