white chrysanthemum

Young attractive girl looking at puzzle
Young woman doing some craft from the seashells
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
Stop hesitating, just sit and play
I'm starting getting into this painting therapy
Memory flashbacks of good old times
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
These colors, this odor, life is full of enjoyment
Don't look at me, i like cactuses more than roses
When you try to develop all skills on 100 percent
How about some friendly battle, huh?
Young girl in pink shirt at the table holding a yellow bow
Young woman doing some craft from the seashells
Young attractive girl working on puzzle
At least i've found a way to express myself
Gonna do some more pots of these, they're good, no?
Ready to some brainstorm to do, huh?
Waiting for the company to start the real fun
Photography is both my passion and my work
Enchanted by the beauty of old places
Well, how about we take few photos?
There is something romantic in finding dry flowers folded between books' pages, isn't it?
Young collector of herbarium
Dicovering some new details
Painted my day with bright colors
We can't wait to get out on the ice
An ice rink is a good place for meeting people and making friends
Ahh, i love pairs skating so much
Good luck and no broken noses, ok?
I wish i could skate backwards that fast
In the mood for some winter fun?
Not good at this at all
Knitting here kinda brings me to my safe zone
This isn't as hard as i thought
The final picture must be interesting
I'm so glad in childhood mum taught me how to do this
No, no way that i'm losing again, i'm already broke for next week
Young attractive woman cutting a flower
Young attractive girl lies on her arm at the table near the chessboard
Young girl at the table playing video games
Young attractive woman sitting at table with a chessboard on it
Perfect way to escape into my world
I'm gonna be one of a kind with this self made look
I'm wondering if i ever will be able to finish it
Guess, i'm more likable like bouquet face miss
Let's take a play, wanna see how good are you at these things
All these flowers picking got me exhausted
Cactuses are just like my soul
I like my new sunglasses so much that i wear them at home
Grandma would proud of me
Educating myself about photography making
Oh, yeah, whatever
Reading about photo stuff
Listen, there's no way you're gonna win somehow
Frankly, i don't think i'm cut out for ice-skating
Sending you our love from the ice rink
It's nice to share sports hobby with your best friend!
Gliding on skates is a pleasure
We can't wait to get out on the ice
Figure skating is such a fun, wanna join us?
Hi, guys, how you doin'?