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When you work together with dad, work's like this
When you work together with dad, work's like this
You leave me alone or i'll twist your neck
This fly is being really annoying
Ready for a good swat
We'll see who has the last laugh
Well, what's in the papers today?
Cigar smoking is about the pursuit of pleasure, taste and aroma
This cigar smells nice
I've never heard anything like that!
Hm... what is that sound?
Well, are we ready or not for coming christmas?
Santa claus reading folder and seems like not understanding something
Having a lot to talk about
It seems that you were not a good boy this year!
We're living in such a digital world...
We're living in such a digital world...
What? everyone was naughty this year?
What do you want from me, kiddo?
Who's been naughty here?
What is that thing?
It looks much better than the previous month
Let's listen to your hertbeat
You're doing great
Would you like to try this cigar
Old professor holding globus and pointing on it
Fencing is such a graceful sport
That's a very interesting detail!
Would you like to talk about it?
I'd like you to answer a few questions
How long have you been feeling like this?
I'm listening to you carefully
Stop, dad, it's ridiculous
I gonna kill this annoying fly
I like to stay on top of things, you know
Too-full feeling after eating just a little too much
You wanna say that again?
Every cigar lover eventually develops his own smoking style
Only great men smoke cigars
Well, that sounds really bad
Your lungs sound clear!
Hm... what is that sound?
Surprised santa claus sitting and talking on the phone
Amount of work to do before christmas is just huge
Where am i supposed to find what they're asking for?
What a funny request!
That's the most unusual gift i've been ever asked for...
That's the most unusual gift i've been ever asked for...
Those kids can drive you crazy
I'll take them by surprise
Are you sure that you don't smoke?
Your lungs look amazing!
I don't like that strange sound
Now breathe deep
Now breathe deep
But there's an interesting twist to this story...
Photo of a male fencer
Fencing is a challenging sport
What is the question you are most afraid to be asked?
Yes, that's the point
Have you ever seen a counselor before?
That's quite an unusual case
Aged man focused on using ipad