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Pink pastel background
Pink pastel background
Flower heads
It's just a perfect selfie time
Thinking about some decor ideas
Taking picture to stop the moment of our wedding
Taking pictures to remember one of the best photos of my life
Absorbing this summer sun rays
Very relaxed and extermely into vacation
It's all about sunbathing and just relaxing
Being active and super relaxed at the same time
Ready to conquer this city
Just taking a quick break
Stretching legs and preparing for morning exercise
Getting body in shape isn't an easy task to do
Building her perfect body
Girl sitting at the table with lemon pie and lemons on it
After studying for few hours it's hard to stay focused
Tried my pastry chef skills at cooking it
Think, it must be good
Young girl sitting at the table and holding glass bottle of milk
Having glass of milk for the breakfast is my essential
Wondering what to cook with these
Trying to start the day right
Having the very first meal of the day
When only and everything you can think about is work
Just enjoying myself and sun
Doing yoga and just relaxing
I will cherish my keepsake forever
Relaxing and just enjoying thi summer time
Enjoying this summer sun
Pink pastel background
Relaxed beautiful dreaming with pears in her hair
Looking kinda cute, huh?
Thinking about some decor ideas
Posing for wedding photo album
Picture to remember one of the happiset days of my life
Warm summer wind feels just nice
This weather feels just great!
Feeling these summer vibes already
Taking these sunbathes
Preparing to make some more exercises
Warming up doing stretching
Just taking a quick break
Sporty young woman doing yoga
Lifting hand weights is part of morning routine too
Seems like i need a break after studying
Ivolved in some prof stuff
Trying my best at cooking sweets
Sweet morning treat
This is what i need in the morning
Natural and healthy treat
Fruits are the best helpers when it comes to beauty
Woke up early and trying to cheer myself up
Trying my best and focusing at work
Young woman standing in profile and holding a notebook
Enjoying sun and positive summer vibes
Knee hug yoga pose
Special teddy to remember a special person
Special teddy to remember a special person
What a wonderful time at the beach
Absorbing summer sunrays