I'm not hiding my identity anymore and you'll have to get over it
Instead of a thousand words
Thinking about you
Keeping yourself beautiful at all times is a hard but rewarding work
A sleeping cutie
Do you feel the vibes of cuteness? those are mine
The beginning of the day
If i stained a white bathrobe but the stain is also white, should i wash it or just wait for another, not-that-white stain first?
Oh my, you are here!
My lifestyle is neat and minimalistic and suits my preferences perfectly
Or maybe i should have a bit more chocolate first?
Let's hope my hand won't flinch
Not sure if i'm daydreaming or just sleeping already
Cold and beautiful like a marble statue
Young blond-haired man in a white bathrobe going about his morning routine
Don't mind me casually being an ally here
This is my position and you can't change my mind
In the process of morning skin moisturising
Smells suspicious but okay
Morning routine is a perfect time to think over the plans for the day
I am upset, this alarm clock makes me upset
Good morning everyone except the person who invented waking up before 9
I have no message whatsoever, just have a good day whoever you are
Can't stop yawning
If i'm having a beauty sleep does it make me a sleeping beauty?
I am starting a petition for early mornings to become illegal
The face of a person who has finally got their sleeping schedule together
Awake but at what cost
I wonder if they have noticed that i'm late for work for two hours
Should i do a ponytail or just go with what i have?