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God, keep our new backend from bugs and lags!
Oh, this is gonna be just a lovely photo
Output! cleaning time!
Showing new funny stuff from the internet to friends
Watching how time flow by
Paying attention to all that time
Counting time till the very minute
Feeling a little bit tired already
Could this day be even more boring?
Got tired a little bit
Enjoying company of ourselves
Couple sitting at the table and discussing photocamera
This is my jam
Having nice time together
Taking important decisions
Getting inspiration and trying our writitng skills
Vintage style story writing
Working on a story together
Enjoying our time together
Making a photo of my love
Making a photo of my love
Catching this moment with a camera
Struggling for the ideas
Team work in action
Working together on the novel
Trying our creative thinking in action
Supporting my man in his writing
Discussing coffee with my partner
Searching for a clue here
Wanna know it all is my second name
Time to to catch a little bit of sleep
Time to to catch a little bit of sleep
Don't be sad, it's going fine
Every artist needs his muse
Moment of happy time spending with friends
Enjoying company of each other
Being extremely careful with time
Paying attention how the time flows by
Distracted from the outside world
Those precious moments of rest
Seems like we're running out of time
Seems like we're running out of time
Talking about photo art
It's our couple time together
Enjoying company of ourselves
Story writing process in action
Working on the story
Writing a novel requires team creative thinking
Working on nice story together
Getting ourselves ready for a nice pic
Trying my photographer skills on my love
Making a photo of my love
Making a photo of my love
Lack of creative ideas
Working on nice piece of art
Vintage style story writing
Creating a story here
It's coffee talking time
Enjoying company of my love
Do you wanna take a close look on it too?
Let's take a look on this one