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Forever and always in love with this woman
Passion doesn't vanish between us
What a wonderful woman she is
Loving her so much
Morticia and gomez relationship is so great
Morticia is just the sense of my life
Taking care of these wonderful flowers
Living morticia life this halloween
Welcome to our witch party!
We understand each other without words
Acting like a true witch
Woman in cat costume trying to put on witch glasses on her colleague in witch costume
But i don't wanna try any other costume
No thanks, i don't wanna change my style
Gomez addams brought bouquet of roses for morticia
Can't imagine my life without morticia
Can't be more grateful for having her in my life
When mom's telling you something you don't wanna do
Trying to cheer up my daughter a little
My mom is cool, she understands jokes
Involved in thoughts about gomez
A lot is going on my mind
When mom told you can't have spiders for pets
Morticia and gomez addams standing next to each other
Addams family welcoming you
Morticia addams standing with her hands crossed
Oh, what a a great flower's smell
Even addams dream a little sometimes
Thinking about addams
Seems like morticia has a plan
Morticia, my love, i wanna dance with you
Every minute with this woman is so precious
Morticia and gomez relationship is so great
Cutting roses just like real morticia addams
Feeling enermous love for this woman
Thinking about eternity with my woman
This year i'm feeling noir
Thinking about eternal life with my love
Feeling enermous passion and love for this woman
This mask is gonna be final touch to witch costume
No thanks, these not gonna suit me
What a halloween party without jokes?!
Gomez addams brought bouquet of roses for morticia
No, thanks, evil style isn't exactly my thing
Because tango is dance of passion
Feeling enermous love for this woman
Halloween addams mom-daughter goals
Showing mom what i've got for halloween
But mom, i don't wanna stay in room and take care of brother
And all my thoughts are only about gomez
Thinking about halloween party organization
Seems like wednesday got noone to play with
Well, how are you doing, wednesday, love?
And all my thoughts are about gomez
When mom isn't satisfied with your hobby
What a wonderful piece of nature
We've ready to celebrate halloween now
Thinking about nice things
Pensive morticia addams holding hands up
Well, who's ready to celebrate halloween?