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Know about all these modern gadgets too
Old woman holding digital tablet
Controlling everything to the last detail
Aged office woman using a digital tablet
Figuring out tasks for today
Exchanging messages with friends
Smiling old woman looking on the phone
Checking out social networking thing
Listening all my friend's saying
Aged woman involved in phone discussion
Catching last news about life around
Should i worry that it has grown into this from a seed overnight or is it a totally normal behaviour for them
It smells like spring
Gonna be looking good on the photo
Gotta go fast
Standing and waiting
Not interested in you
Kinda walking kinda standing
Walking unsurely
A pair of beautiful female legs
Flirting a bit
The ministry of silly walks
Posing for a photo
Such nice legs like mine should be il-leg-al
When your skirt is too short each step is a challenge
Warm weather, warm colours
Walking in a straight line is way harder when you have your new high heels on
Still haven't decided what direction i am going in
Oops, seems like i have a problem
Smiling young indian woman holding white towel
Working is much easier with these modern things
Fashionable old office woman holding an ipad
Controlling all these tasks to do for today
Selfie is always a nice idea
Old woman holding plastic cup to go and making selfie
Flipping through morning news feed
Scrolling through all this news feed
When read some tremendous news
Old woman looking on smartphone
Having quite a lot to talk about
A week at my place and still alive, that's a new record in a plant world
I really hope at least this one will survive
Aww the smell of no smell, it's my favourite
Walk, walk fashion baby
Ready to go
A bit shy or maybe just walking
A standing woman
I'm on my way
Standing comfortably my ground
Simple but elegant
Confident and proud of it
Pretty clothes and a confident posture
Casually adjusting her shoe
Unsure of where to go
Hot days, short skirts
Oh no, i didn't expect it to shrink after a few drops of summer rain!
Walking away from my problems
I'm feeling blue today and wanted to emphasize it
A young woman adding vegetables to a saucepan
A young woman adding vegetables to a saucepan
Young indian woman throwing towel away