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Keep calm, combine working and being a mom
Waiting for a meeting
Evening thoughtfulness
No, i'm not judging you, that's just the way i look
She's the best boss
Sudden nice thoughts
Confident and proud of it
It has pockets!
Pretty clothes and a confident posture
Distracting thoughts
Standing comfortably my ground
I'm all ears
Flirting a bit
What do people do in their leisure time
Unsure of where to go
A pair of beautiful female legs
Walk, walk fashion baby
Warm weather, warm colours
Ready to go
A bit shy or maybe just walking
Friendly banter time
Mastering the art of looking nonchalantly beautiful
I am an introvert, being lost in thoughts is my default setting
This is called fashion, baby, look it up
Oops, seems like i have a problem
Still haven't decided what direction i am going in
Such nice legs like mine should be il-leg-al
It's getting a bit chilly
When your skirt is too short each step is a challenge
Thanks for visiting me please don't do it again, the way out is over here
Pensive woman standing next to her fashionable looking girlfriend
Elegant young woman sitting at the table
Thinking of the day that passed
A standing woman
Simple but elegant
Mona lisa smile
The ministry of silly walks
Hot days, short skirts
 mona lisa smile
mona lisa smile
Walking unsurely
I'm illegally cute today and you can't deny it
Standing and waiting
Posing for a photo
I'm on my way
Not interested in you
Gotta go fast
Kinda walking kinda standing
Just me being me
Walking away from my problems
Casually adjusting her shoe
Everything is under control, guys
I'm feeling blue today and wanted to emphasize it
True happiness is impossible to conceal
Fashion is my passion
What a beautiful day to feel happy
I am in a playful mood today
Hey, look at my brand new blue and black jacket!
Seems like we have a little problem here
Seems like we have a little problem here
When you have to wait and feel already bored
Honestly, comfortable outfit and clean hair make like 90% of my confidence