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It's good to know that you have someone who covers you back at work
Working in pair promises better results
Organized and ready to work hard
Architects talking about new projects
So, we have no options at all?
Architects team mind in action
And how about we get something new there?
Thinking about creaziest ideas ever
Talking about architecture work stuff
New building project discussion
In the middle of architect work day
I hope you appreciate this
So, what i'm proposing here is...
Having great discussion time the colleague
Talking about architecture work stuff
Working on architecture project
Typical architecture work day
Discussing possible way of realizing this
Building construction isn't easy
Before build something, you've gotta try it on practice
And how do you like that idea?
Sharing opinions about drawing with colleague
Guessing about new interesting architect decisions
Great architecture getting created here
Architects sitting at the tablet and holding tablet
Discussing new drawings' samples
Oh, i didn't expect it to be ready so fast
Deciding buildings fate with the colleague
Talking about new project with the coworker
Working on architecture project
What a day it's going to be!
It's good to know that you have someone who covers you back at work
Can't wait for the results of this partnership
Talking about architecture work stuff
Talking about new buildings would be like
Discussing architecture's work with my colleague
Sharing thoughts with my architect colleague
Focused on the architect work process
Talking about architecture stuff here
Exchanging ideas and thoughts about architecture stuff
Look, i know what i'm doing
Here is our revised and updated plan
We definitely should so this, you know
When your coworker came up with a great idea
Sharing work thoughts with the colleague
Discussing architecture stuff is awlays a challenge
The pleasure is mine, madam, i assure you
Talking about improving it
Giving this construction a life
Architects teamwork in action
Creating new architecture projects
Need time to think about the idea you're proposing
Trying to find the best solution
Making small steps to realizing architecture ideas
When you're not satisfied at all with what your colleague is doing
A quick break from project creating process
Talking about architecture stuff here
Architects involved in team work
Architecture getting started here
Realizing our best architect ideas here