Focused on the work process
Architect in the middle of working process
Working hard to get results
Trying my best and focusing at work
Office kind of collaboration
Work concentration 100%
She never misses deadlines
Talking to her colleagues
Discussing new projects with colleagues
A new day begins
Productive working day starts with coffee
Starting a new day
Young businesswoman at her workplace
Trying to concentrate
Young businesswoman at her workplace
Immersed in thoughts about work
Working on some architecture stuff
Involved in working process
Better ideas always hit the collective mind
Collective brainstorming is a good idea
It's time to relax a little
Enjoying a rich taste of coffee
She never misses deadlines
That's all i could do
Young businesswoman working at the computer
Positive attitude to work
Concentrated on her goals
She's exhausted
Young businesswoman at her workplace
Drained out of energy