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Oh, somehow fresh air got me axhausted
The saddest thing is that i don't care
Still can be bossing around with one eye only
Yeah, that's truly a beautiful thing
Hm, but that's interesting
Yeah, it wasn't the best idea
Well, it's a tough choice
Well, it's a tough choice
You really checking out this girl while holding my hand?
Going somewhere with my hun
C'mon, dear, we need to hurry
Distracting thoughts
Today's mood is warmth and light-hearted smiles
What do people do in their leisure time
Adult culture is getting sad randomly because you've just remembered you've still got taxes to pay
Mastering the art of looking nonchalantly beautiful
Me, striking a pose every time i pass by a mirror in the living room
Seems like there is something i don't understand
Young woman in yellow coat covering her face with her arms
So, could we talk, like for a sec?
I'm so excited for an outcome
Serious looking young woman leaning chin on her hands
Young girl smiling and being happy
Don't say something you will regret
Hard choice between sports and disco
You're thinking what i'm thinking?
Sudden nice thoughts
Nice things and warm smiles
Got caught in a whirl of happy memories
Fashion is my passion
Making plans for the long-awaited day off is a truly uplifting thing
I am an introvert, being lost in thoughts is my default setting
Thinking back to the moment i've spent half of my money on this outfit and still loving every single stripe
Here the list ends
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