A man using a paper tube as a spyglass
Everyone has a disquieting feeling in such a situation
A young doctor making notes in his copybook
Man trying to focus at home in lockdown
Man doctor in the temporary hospital
A doctor wearing a surgical mask and holding a stethoscope in his pocket
A handsome young guy sitting on a chair and touching his shoe
A doctor covering his eyes
It's time for morning exercises
The wc is that way! bingo!
Father and daughter hold hands
A doctor recommending medicaments
Young male doctor writing something on the tablet
My head hurts....damn it!
A male doctor talking to someone in a hospital room
Joyful young father with his happy children in a handshift hospital
I don't belong here
I guess mr franklin has something to say
Tired doctor yawning
A doctor interpreting chest x-ray
Young male doctor in the middle of saying something
Doctors looking at x-ray
Man and boy laughing at home
Man doctor checking a syringe
Man doctor holding a tablet and looking away
Tired man doctor touching his head
Kinda trying to figure out how to deal with this thing
Good looking young man sitting on the chair
A tired doctor taking off his gloves
Pensive doctor standing with his tablet in front of an x-ray
It's a hard work to be handsome
Good looking young man sitting on the chair
Scared man and sneezing boy
Quarantined superstar