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Ready to start a new week
Too good for you
Natural care for the natural beauty
Soft morning
And what is so good about this one
Young afrowoman applying powder
My daily beauty routine
Blue must be my color
Never been that jealous of sleeping beauty
Should i use a bit more?
Green lifestyle is what i'm all about
If i can't see it it doesn't exist
I have a wonderful day ahead
Becoming one with mother nature
If 'spa' is a part of 'space', does it mean i am a star?
Fixing uneven skin tone
Feels good feels organic
Preparing a basis for makeup
A few drops of my favorite scent
Oh, this tonal foundation feels so good on the skin
Finishing the makeup with a little bit of powder
This color suits me quite well, no?
A little bit of lipstick is always needed
Still better than you
The best day of the week
I put 'me' in 'mesmerizing'
Alarm clock rhymes with sleepwalk for a reason
As for home manicure it looks not bad at all
Makeup is a way of self expression
Starting day's routine together
Soft things for a soft mood
Trying to find matching tonal foundation
Feeling soft and relaxed
Such a wonderful feeling
The best choise i've ever made
I have the whole day for myself
Or should i go for darker colors?
Should i try this one too?
It's important to care about yourself
They say it does wonders to your skin
Lipstick is a complete touch for good look
Flashback to the soft autumn days
Seems like someone's started developing taste
Seems like someone's started developing taste
Look at me go
A part of my daily routine
Feel the power of nature
Young afrowoman looking attentively at tonal foundation tubes
Great manicure results at home
Making expressive eyes
A few drops of my favorite scent
Kiss for a great day ahead of us
A little bit of lipstick is always needed
Making accent on eyes
Oh, stop it, you
Reading labels is important
A me moment
And what skin tone should i go with today, huh?
Today's makeup is definitely a look
Going for bright and cool makeup look today