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Em, who is this and what is happenning here?
I don't get why he's wearing sailor's uniform
Cutting roses just like real morticia addams
When a stranger boy got into the picture
You're here for halloween too, right?
Morticia addams gasping and covering her face with hand a little
Look what a great pumpkin we've prepared
Addams also know how to have fun
This year i'm feeling noir
We've ready to celebrate halloween now
Taking care of these wonderful flowers
Taste of good wine and thoughts about eternity
Well, my mood today is better than just grey
Thinking about eternal life
Thinking about something nice and good
A lot of thoughts are on my mind
Addams family welcoming you
Thinking about addams family
Seems like morticia is planning something
Feeling this black color today
Thinking about addams family
Morticia addams holding glass of wine
Let's start this evening with taste of good wine
Thinking about wonderful things
Carving pumpkin is our favorite hobby
Today's day got me pensive a bit
Morticia addams posing
a lot of thoughts are on my mind
When you've remembered that halloween party is on its way
A lot of thoughts are on my mind
Red roses are color and flowers of my soul
Black is the color of my soul
This boy isn't addams at all
Kiddo, seems like you've come to wrong family
Kiddo, seems like you've come to wrong family
Addams family ready to celebrate halloween
Addams family just having a great evening
Morticia addams holding glass of wine
Seems like this boy is lost a little
Oh, feeling myself just great
Morticia addams standing in profile and gasping
Oh, what a a great flower's smell
Living morticia life this halloween
All thoughts are about gomez
Well, a lot of thoughts are on my mind
We've been working hard to create this pumpkin
Just having a wonderful evening
Feeling myself super good
I'm feeling slightly mad, i could say
A lot on my mind to think about
Got something to think about
Morticia addams holding wine and looking aside
Red roses are my favorite
And all my thoughts are about gomez
Ready to celebrate halloween
Got myself ready and prepared for halloween celebration
Noir vibes i'm feeling here
Oops, seems like i've forgot about halloween treat for kids
Thinking about addams family
Thinking about life and eternal stuff