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#black hair #brunet
Enjoying my cup of coffee
Doing some stretching
Coffee is needed as never
Coffee is my first thought in the morning
Alone in a big city
Alone in a big city
Creation process isn't easy
Some coffee to make my brain work better
I feel like taking a nap
Creating process requires a lot of time to think
I'm going to fail
That's an interesting idea
Immersed in work stuff
When your coffee is over
When will i finish this project?
This project is so tiring
Having some great fun time
I think, i have an idea
On the way to create something nice and beautiful
Coffee wakes me up and makes me ready to go
Facing the work is hard
Focused on the creation of something new
Ah it feels hood
Enjoying my favorite drink
Working on a big project
In the middle of his working day
It looks like a good cup of coffee
I feel like a squeezed lemon
How about espresso?
It's time to take some coffee, i think
My eyes are so tired
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