Hobby Stock Photos: blond man

Young man adjusting camera
Photos look quite good
Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
Smile, i'm gonna take a picture
Settings thing is important too
Trying to catch a good shot
Poet and his muse
Poet and his muse
I'm a new member of this book club
Yeah, hip hop requires a lot of sportive potential
Young guy doing a toe stance with his hands folded
Funky eighty vibes we've got here
Looking impressing, huh?
Young guy making a shaka gesture
Passion and energy put into dance moves
Well, someone wanna join me here?
Young man holding a vintage camera
Using old fashioned metods to get the best shots
Gonna take a closer look on photos
Gonna try my photo artist skills
Set and ready for the photo shot
Are you right-brained or left-brained
Are you right-brained or left-brained
Photography is my passion
Well, who wants to join me in hip hop dance?
Young guy standing with his hands spread
Real pro at those dance moves
Good music and cool movements
Hip hop dance moves would be like...
Young guy standing with his hands crossed in 'cool' position
So, let's start hip hop dance routine
Young guy showing a thumb up