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This is not what i need right now
Oh salad you are so funny, now i understand why the people from mayo ads are always laughing when you're around
Power is my second name
Take this, i don't need it
I like bell peppers and digital scales, they are two my most favourite things in the world
Self love is the most important part of self care and it works like nothing else
90x60x90? how about perfect x perfect x perfect?
I will never let the numbers make me feel bad about myself
Day starting with sport must be just great
Kisses and best wishes to everyone!
Young plus size woman in a pink jumpsuit, posing with scales against a pastel yellow background
Trying new cosmetics is always super exciting
Treated myself with some new clothes
'cause true beauty isn't about measurement
The taste of happiness
Life is too short not to eat your favorite doughnuts when you want it
I just bought what i needed
Who said shopping is already finished?
Sport exercises is essential part of morning routine
Living alone means you can organise a home spa only for yourself at 6 am and no one's gonna stop you
Do you think it suits me?
Feeling cute and content
Good relationship with your body is a straight way to happiness
Who's the winner here?
Great mood on and let's start this day with sport
I like getting up early so i could daydream whenever i want to while doing my morning routine
Say no to unhealthy eating behaviour
'cause what workout it'd be without music?
Young plus-size model in sportswear holding hand weights
Smile is first thing first in the morning
Honestly, i want neither
Not today, devil
Sport makes me happy
Sad looking young plus-size model holding shopping bags
I am not gonna change for the sake of your made-up beauty standards
'cause doing sport is so much fun
Smiling young plus-size model waving
Young plus-size model in sportswear drinking water
Music and sport make perfect morning
These muscles were gained with a lot of hard work
Do you sometimes get that urgent need to weight the scales and then you realize
Another calm and lazy morning
Not sticking to any beauty standards
Jeez it's her and her doughnuts again
Making an effort and feeling your muscles work, isn't it the best thing in the world?
Um yeah thank you for cheering me up but it'd be much more helpful if you found me some bread or something
Maybe, i should buy something more?
Being so comfortable with myself
Clean and styled hair: +100 to your confidence level
Now i know what cats feel when you groom them
These workouts never fail to give me positive emotions
Do never let the numbers define your worth, baby
Sport lifts mood to the maximum
Who said women are weak, huh?
Finding pleasure in little things like the nice sensations you get while combing your hair or the freshness of early morning is a super important and uplifting habit
Measuring my waist? what for? i know i'm just perfect even without it
You think i'm choosing what to have? no silly, i'm choosing what to start with
Bringing arm power to top point
Great mood and sport make me just adore everything
Favorite song on and let's do some sport