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Feeling soft and beautiful in the gentle morning glow
Pretty and confident
A woman is holding a cell phone in her hand
I am cosplaying as a goddess of fitness
Happy and proud to be a part of lgbt+ community
A woman is helping a man put on a couch
What do you mean this is not a phone, i've been talking for forty minutes
Yes, i have a special playlist for drinking water during the morning run and you are not allowed to judge me
Hello, fire station? get your stuff ready 'cos i'm on fire today
One last detail and i am ready to shine ✨
Not sure if i'm daydreaming or just sleeping already
Bold of you to assume that this bottle contains water
I choose you
Um yeah, i've found a walkie-talkie like you told me, what's next
Think twice before wasting my time, boy
Truly happy to be who i am and support those who are still in the process of getting there!
Have i bought everything that i needed? yes. do i have any money left? probably. should i check that new shop at the corner of the mall? we both know the answer
Looking like a princess, feeling like a queen
I wear headphones so people wouldn't talk to me but i never turn on any music so i would be able to overhear their conversations
Does anyone know what to do with those things
Morning exercises for a good mood for the whole day
My level of friendliness for today is 100%
Applying the eyeshadows before putting on the face powder is a super new trend, i've just created it
Yes, i'm aware it's gonna end up in my mouth, no, this is not gonna stop me. i paid so much for it i have a full right to know what it tastes like
I wonder if they have noticed that i'm late for work for two hours
It got stuck and won't let go, this hairbrush is a part of me now
Ready for the second set, baby?
Say something about me and this ball is gonna fly right into your face
Ugh and to think it is only monday
Come at me, bad physical shape i am ready to fight
Have you ever seen such beauty?
I told you time and time again: i'm not as think as you drunk i am
Sometimes answering a client's request i like to pretend that i'm a queen kindly granting the wish of her servant
Oh, okay, bye, i guess..sorry for bothering
A friendly chat with a colleague
I don't remember buying any of these
Your babe will never look this good
Welp, that was expectable
Don't mess with me, my pretty dress won't stop me from punching you in the face
They see me sporting they hatin'
Now, when you've realised that playing with me is way harder than you imagined, who's next?
Is it me or did that guy just called me daenerys
Ready for a nice workout
You'd better not play with my feelings, trust me, you're not gonna like the outcome
When you learn that your coworker is an ally too
Way to make yourself feel better in mere seconds
Close your eyes, let the feelings speak
They were like "you consume too much liquid during the day" and i was like "waterver"
You said somethin'?
Running away from my problems to the rhythm of my favourite soundtrack
Sport is life
Ready to play and win
You wanna look good? i'll make you look good
D*or hire me i'm very good at holding bottles with a solemn face expression
Treating myself because i deserve it
I don't 'do the makeup', i create art
Wanna play the game?
Oh, hi mark!
When your favourite song starts playing and you imagine yourself in a music video, singing along with the band
Feeling sexy, looking accordingly