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Morning exercises are the best start of the day
Rap improvisation
Friends sitting at the table and having both healthy and unhealthy snacks
Young handsome afroman dressed like a rapper
Money is just a piece of paper
Thinking about my life
Yes, that line is perfect for my new song
Although i'm so rich and sucessful, i'm still a simple guy
Hmm... smells like a new car
I'm just glad to have money
Just looking iconic
Do i have the strongest punch in the wild west? no. but do i have the quickest one? also no
Yes, you can tell my music is successful
Yo guys, i'm here, let's get this party started
Enjoying my favorite drink
Just a self-made star
Paparazzis are chasing me everywhere
Cool, rich, handsome
Working on a big project
I'm going to fail
Just looking iconic
Rap is my life
Well, i was thinking about something...
Shocked young afroman holding alarm clock
Party snacks?
Serious intentions
The rap king, nice to meet you
Don't let my smile distract you
Immersed in working process
Just the king of rap here
Doing some stretching
A man is doing a wheelie on his bike
Wish i could go back to bed right now
Am i not awesome?
Running away from my problems
Am i not awesome?
Girls, ready to have some fun at the party?
Girls, ready to have some fun at the party?
Young handsome man holding a wad of cash
Some coffee to make my brain work better
Being super happy and wealthy
Come on, that's unbelievable...
Young handsome man holding a wad of cash
Just take it and buy what you want
Ah it feels hood
I feel like taking a nap
Hey you, come here
Yeap, everything is just great
Healthy doesn't mean boring
Why does money smell so good?
In the middle of his working day
Just looking iconic
Don't talk nonsense with me
Just the king of rap here
Pounding an invisible nail into the invisible wall
When the person you waited the most finally shows up but all you have is avocados
Really serious
i have my own rules of life
Wish if i could have five more minutes of sleep
Just looking iconic
Gonna record some new hits for my album, guys