Lifestyle Stock Photos: thinking

Judging you for your misdeeds
Female chess player
Female chess player
A silent serene moment for yourself
A silent serene moment for yourself
Pensive young woman sitting on chair and talking on the phone
If 'spa' is a part of 'space', does it mean i am a star?
Tough choice
Toothbrush, toothbrush in the hand when this day is gonna end
I have ten more minutes before i start getting late
Am i doing it right
Should i add a bit more of a highlighter?
Should i do this now or later
I'm not so easy to go, you know
And what if i use both at once?
A friendly chat with a colleague
Aged man holding tablet and standing in profile
I didn't get to watch sakura petals this year so i'm gonna become one of them
Analyzing past and creating for the future
At the start of the brand new day
Mature man listening to music and looking aside
Good looking aged man talking on the phone and touching beard
No matter that the day just started, i'm tired
Pensive mature man holding hands in his pockets
I decided to go with a natural look today, so thank you for the sparkling pink eyelids, mother nature!
You wanna look good? i'll make you look good
Another calm and lazy morning
Have i bought everything that i needed? yes. do i have any money left? probably. should i check that new shop at the corner of the mall? we both know the answer
Maybe, i should buy something more?
Feeling cute and content
This would be so much easier if i had a mirror
..and a bit of the bright ones, for the open look-
Roosevelt wore a bowtie too
Adoring myself in the mirror
Immersed in the depth of thoughts
Too good for you
Get a lot of things to think about
Pensive young woman sitting on chair and talking on the phone
I think i'll go with this one
And where did i put all the other ones?
Your babe will never look this good
Distacted from external world
I think i need more hairbrushes
I feel like adding some curls today
Getting ready to slay
I have mixed feelings about the upcoming workday
One last detail and i am ready to shine ✨
Fashion is my passion
Aged man looks totally involved in phone talk
Perfectly measured strokes of the hairbrush for a perfectly done hairdo
I'm waiting for some explanation
Wait, what are the side effects again
There are different times, you know
Seen, seen, not interested, seen-
Applying the eyeshadows before putting on the face powder is a super new trend, i've just created it
I don't 'do the makeup', i create art
I mean, technically it's not mine, but the main question here is not who's gonna allow me to take it but who's gonna stop me from doing so
He's a real gentleman in every way
I prefer playing in the headphones as i don't want anyone cheering me up except for freddie mercury
What do i do next i've never went this far before
Roosevelt wore a bowtie too
And now to the smooth skin for a finished look