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Not bothering about money feels good
Young handsome afroman dressed like a rapper
Man in black suit throwing money out of his wallet
Please, choose another way, repair work ahead
Man in black suit holding his hands in the pockets
Guessing about money investment
Am i not awesome?
Smart decisions give good results
Business things couldn't be any better
So, shall i start with traffic cones setting?
Young wealthy man holding wallet full of money
Ok, so what do we have for today?
Taking a little break from work
Yes, that line is perfect for my new song
Although i'm so rich and sucessful, i'm still a simple guy
Making enough money feels just great
Young handsome man holding a wad of cash
Let's not worry about anything and just party
Now my task is to set traffic cones for a new paving project
Young rich man standing in profile and pointing with finger at himself
Get closer, here's the place for unloading of the stuff
How many cones do we have here?
Being super happy and wealthy
Get a bit closer!
I'm doing well, and you?
One, two, three... radio check, can you hear me?
Involved in some business thoughts
To get real money, you have to act smart
A lot of work stuff to think about
Made profit to be unbothered later
Lower it down right here
Guessing about money investment
Let's get prepared and do business
Being sure about business feels awesome
To be rich, you have to play money smart
Bingo! right on the spot!
Money is just a piece of paper
He's used to operating power tools
Am i not awesome?
Feeling quite serious about my plans
I'm proud of being a construction worker
Consider this business idea seriously
Great job!
I'm doing just fine, thank you
That feeling when you find your soulmate
That feeling when you find your soulmate
Builder's work is a hard work to do
Hmm... smells like a new car
Young black man in suit standing on the beach
My job hasn't been very creative lately
Man in suit holding hands in his pockets
Man in suit holding hands in his pockets
Road worker daily routine
Got thirsty after the building process
I'm just glad to have money
Stay away from the danger area!
Warning cones should be placed at a certain distance
Just looking iconic
To be really rich, you have to be smart with money
So, it's completely my responsibility?
Well, and no worries about future
Thinking about way where to invest money