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Me and my buddy are going to catch some fresh air
An old man holding a cup and smiling
Too cool for this place
A man in a suit and tie sitting on a chair
Well, what shall i do with my drunk master?
Well, what shall i do with my drunk master?
Exchange of business contacts
Exchange of business contacts
Taking this proposition into consideration
Business affairs are actually my thing
Solving business problems distantly
Couldn't have been better
Feeling happy and fulfilled
Let's control the data
Smiling middle aged man holding his hands crossed
Checking out some new business apps
Let's watch what the statistic says
Angry middle aged businessman holding his fists up
How much time do you spend online?
Catching last minutes of sleep
Surprised mature man holding a puppy
This is what unconditional love looks like
Roosevelt wore a bowtie too
I've been thinking about implementation of this new idea and...
I've been thinking about implementation of this new idea and...
Man in the formal clothes watching in the camera
Confident handsome mature man pointing at something
So good, don't even wanna open my eyes
Liking these great news more than ever
Man in suit standing in profile with his head down
Cute puppy sitting on his master's shoulder
Man training at home
Handsome mature man laughing and covering face with a hand
Stay right there!
A good looking mature man holds his dog in his arms
Middle aged businessman touching his chin and thinking
Such a tear-jerking moment
Smiling middle aged man standing with his hands crossed
I'm happy yo start out collaboration from now on
Feeling way too cool for this place
Feline jealousy
Feline jealousy
Man in formal clothes watching something on the computer
Middle aged standing with his hands crossed
Finding inspiration online
Smiling mature man listening to some music and using his smartphone
I've got a tremendous idea on my mind
Thinking about all these possible ideas
But we were so close to sign up that contract
Man in formal clothes looking at something
Men cry too
We are the perfect match
English style emotional storm
Doesn't have time for a full workout
Suffering from terrible hangover
Until you're in my office, you gonna follow my rules
Handsome middle-aged man standing straight
Man texting on the phone
Mature man standing in some strange pose
Men cry too