office: cute black Stock Photos

Pretty young girl listening to music with closed eyes
Loving work and what i'm doing
When you're at work and trying to play it cool but the text is just so damn cute
What a great song to loosen up a little bit
Attractive young woman holding her hands on her jacket an looking aside
Melody brings my best summer memories
Let me just drown in this music
The melody is so nice, seems like i'm just drowning in it
Wanna fly up to the sky with this song
Adore this song, it's so wonderful
So balanced but full of emotions at the same time
Oh, it makes me feel so relaxed
This song gives me wings and desire to fly
It's such a cool band, just give it a try
Well, that got me interested
Give yourself a smile, it's a best cure!
Don't waste time, come and let's loosen up
Don't just stand here, enjoy the company
Wow, i bet you wanna hear it
Don't be so serious, dance with me
This is what we've been working on so long
Well, boy, are you ready for enjoying yourself?
Loosen up ourselves, guys
Let's listen to some music, boy, it's fun
Thinking over work that should be done
There's something you should definitely check
Are they talking about me?
Guess, you would like it too
Taking notes to don't forget
Well, i'm pleasantly surprised with your act
It's great to have you as part of our team
We're happy to have you here with us
Oh, say again, i was just so immersed in music
Oh, i' starting to feel freedom of movements with this song
So, let's have a nice evening today!
Trying to catch all these windy moments to take a good shot
Give me some credit, i've been working like crazy all week
C'mon, guys, listen to this
Young girl with light smile on her face holding her hands on the level of her lower back
An attentive office worker checking her work
I've got some freshly done work to show you
Give me some credit, i've been working like crazy all week
You don't know what you're missing not listening to this
Probably, my colleagues will love it
Don't stand there, try listen to this
There's something we need to discuss
Well, we should check something here
Prepared and ready to face the working week
I'm feeling 'all ready to shine', you know?
I should talk to boss about it
Well, i could be a little distracted after intensive work
Well, i'm pretty confident about my work week
Give this music a chance, it truly worth it
I have some fresh official news to inform
Hm, think i'm gonna need to revise it one more time
This is what we've been working on so long
The music is just amazing
Checking one more time all the work stuff
Checking one more time all the work stuff