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Trying to keep ourselves in shape
Kid girl is quite surprised with present grandparents got her
Our love is like fine wine...
Aged couple sitting at the table and holding coffee cups
Having just the best coffee time with my love
Grandmother and granddaughter writing a letter to santa together
Having just the best coffee time with my love
Elegant senior couple standing together
You look gorgeous, sweetheart!
Smiling aged couple looking on something on tablet
Here's a little present for you
My precious heart
Grandparents got me what i've really wanted to
You are my treasure
Shall we go jogging again next weekend?
Wow! so many gifts!
Grandparents and kid girl daughter holding cookies
Pleasant company and smart talks makes this evening
Pleasant company and smart talks makes this evening
We have different views on how to pack
Well, i prefer quality over quantity...
As happy as we used to be years ago
Signing postcards is part of winter holidays too
Honey, i don't understand what's so fun about that
Coffee break time in company of my wife
Yeah, he does funny stuff sometimes...
What can be better than a quiet evening together
Look at her, isn't she just precious human being?
Reading time with grandparents
No, don't open it, try to guess what there's in the box
This awkward moment when you've met parents of your ex-girlfriend
Aged couple sitting at the table with their hands folded
And here's to our dear guests
Wow! so many gifts!
Always together with my love
Elder couple sitting at the table and looking at tablet
Watching movie and just having some quality time together
Let's start this great holidays time
Movie gets more interesting and interesting
Grandmother and granddaughter using digital tablet together
Quite comfy leggings, though design is a bit strange
How much money did you spend shopping?
Quite enjoying this sweet treat
Grandparents holding threads while wrapping gifts with granddaughter
Kid girl sitting next to her grandparents and holding gift box
It's so thoughtful of him, i'm moved to tears
Yeah, i think it's enough cookies for today
This is my christmas gift for you: unlimited shopping!
Grandparents looking at each other while her granddaughter playing with toy
We share our family budget
How lovely is that cartoon
When you are overdoing it
Serious looking aged man watching movie on tablet together with his wife
Still having all these little sweet moments
Kid girl granddaugher and grandparents eating cookies
Getting new knowledge together
Look grandma, i'll show you what's trendy in the internet now
She's the best that has happened to me
Holy cow!
Aged couple having cookies and looking at tablet