People Stock Photos: romantic caucasian thinking

Think twice before making an important decision
I've got a lot to think about
Weighing up the pros and cons
Involved in some work stuff
I've got a lot to think about
Cuddling with this beautiful bouquet
Got these flowers to hide in it
Trying to hide in these
What a nice bouquet of dried flowers
Enchanted by this letter
Pensive and sad
Relaxed and peaceful letter reading time
Trying to hide in these
What a wonderful flower bouquet
Cool and casual
Feeling of loss
What do i have to say?
Immersed in reading a letter
Immersed in this letter reading
What a charming flowers bouquet
Trying to hide in these
Enchanted by what's written there
Marriage proposal
Being rejected by the love of your life
Having thoughts of great time
Handsome young man sitting near the clock with his hands folded
Lost in thought
Drowning deep in personal guessing
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