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'ready to face the problems'
'and now a little break is a must'
Cute puppy sitting on his master's shoulder
I've got a taste for good things
Fashion is all about black and white
Making choices isn't easy, but you always have a choice
In the magic world of music
 mona lisa smile
mona lisa smile
First comes coffee and then everything else
You can tell good perfume by the smell
Only great men smoke cigars
The best fencer in town
Think twice before wasting my time, boy
Controlling all these tasks to do for today
Oh sweetie, you thought buying me coffee would be enough to get me to date you?
Man in suit with his eyebrow raised holding a glass
Men cry too
Men cry too
Men cry too
Fashion is my profession
Discovered some shocking news
Well, i'm not in the mood for any jokes today
Guess the gesture
Men cry too
Gonna give this plant a fresh breath of life
Mature man styling his hair
Mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
No matter what hairstyle it would be, i'm cool anyway
Getting through this new list of songs
What did you say? i've to work this weekend?
Mature man smelling dollar banknotes
Such a little coin, such a big profit
Involved in the world of music
Mature man holding ethereum coin
'cause i've earned it with my sweat and tears, you know
Here the list ends
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