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Who said fitness is for adults?
Take to each other like ducks to water
Take to each other like ducks to water
Indian woman sitting with legs crossed on yoga mat
Young indian woman stretching herlself while standing on yoga mat
Putting on swimming glasses and let's start the training
Right in the mood for training session
Preparing myself mentally before swimming competition
Faster, higher, stronger
Faster, higher, stronger
Ready-steady to start the training
We're gonna win, no doubts
Swimmer's routine is about to start
Ok, guys, let's take a break now
Weekend after hardworking days is coming
Ready to hit the score!
Exercising make us healthier
Teacher is not only a friend but also a demanding mentor
Teacher is not only a friend but also a demanding mentor
When your mom is a coach
When your mom is a coach
All that training was worth it
Never-ever been more ready for the competition
Time to catch some rest
Teachers can be funny and excited too
Do you know this guy?
Do you know this guy?
Feeling very serious about upcoming games
Ok, guys, let's take a break now
Games results can be frustrating
Repeating after mythe coach
Swimmer's work day is about to start
Obedience training
Obedience training
Young indian woman in sportswear holding sport bottle
Young indian woman in yoga clothes outstretching a hand
Young indian woman standing in tree position on yoga mat
Time to show what we've training for
Big game day is coming
So happy about successful game result
Everything is gonna be just great!
Feeling confident and proud about my job
Feeling powerful and ready for the game
Telling a team whenever they need to take a pause
Ready to get some serious fight today
Raising future champions
Had the best time during the game
Our goal is to win, not just to participate
Teacher gets mad with our laziness sometimes
We're about to work, not to sit on the bench
Pe teacher and pupil clapping hands together
Sometimes it's hard to get through to these youngsters
Being a swimmer requires time and efforts
You know, i doesn't care
We're ready, organized and want to win
I don't understand what's happening
You should do as you was told to
Game starts soon and we're ready as never before
Supporting pupils is teacher's duty too
You know, i'm really great in tennis
Teachers should set an example