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Not the winning but the taking part that counts
Yoga class is just great to free and open mind a little
See these muscles? they've been gained with a lot of efforts
Doing yoga and just relaxing
I'm really good at basketball
Even champions get tired
Who wants try my powers in tennis game?
Practicing all these serves and receptions
Impressed with my new technique
In the mood for some winter fun?
Let's get this game started!
Weekend after hardworking days is coming
Let's het this game started, huh?
Sport is fun, especially when i'm good at it
Exercising make us healthier
Running away from my problems
Throwing this ball like a champion
Playing and practicing for the game
Well, let's try my efforts at this
We can't wait to get out on the ice
Contented and tired after the game
I've been practicing and feeling really ready
I don't understand what's happening
So, ice-skating, huh?
An ice rink is a good place for meeting people and making friends
Putting all my efforts into basketball training
Feeling good after the game
Teachers should set an example
Figure skating is such a fun, wanna join us?
Neither of us had been ice skating since we were children
A person is holding a handful of green and white flowers
Well, let's get this practice time started
Nothing to say, i'm getting stronger
Let's see who's cooler
Let's see who's cooler
Contented and tired after the game
Feeling serious about this game
So contented with the game
Everything is gonna be just great!
Gonna have a game played
Enjoying and practicing at the same time
Gonna kick a really nice score
We can't wait to get out on the ice
I feel like a kid again!
Excited about basketball training
Frankly, i don't think i'm cut out for ice-skating
Coming closer to the victory
Enjoying my practicing time
Ice skating is the best winter fun ever
Pe teacher and pupil clapping hands together
Ahh, i love pairs skating so much
I had such a fun time!
Good luck and no broken noses, ok?
It's nice to share sports hobby with your best friend!
Sending you our love from the ice rink
Slightly worn out after the practice
You should do as you was told to
Wooh, what a game it was!
I really enjoy ice-skating this winter
Figure skating is for pretty girls, isn't it?
In the mood for some winter fun?