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They look wonderful together
Totally immersed in the work process
Two young coworkers in a casual office
Happy to work together
In the middle of work process
This is precisely what a music video ought to be
I love her despite or even because of all her flaws
I love her despite or even because of all her flaws
There's no accounting for taste
Giving a second thought to all work stuff
Oh no, it's unbelievable!
What?.. playing games at work?
She's caught him red-handed
Modern romantic dates are like this
I can't decide who's more lovely
I can't decide who's more lovely
She always finds someone to talk to
Guessing about should i call him or not?
You won't believe what just happened
You won't believe what just happened
The selfiest selfie ever
Contented with the results
Remember me as i am
I love taking pictures of my girlfriend
Please don't fire me!
Involved in some case solving
Productive collaboration
Look, it was perfectly obvious from the first
Happy to work together
Hip hop! woohoo!
This song makes us move and dance
Humour is a key to success at work
Young woman working on the computer
Let's dance!
Using ney and doing my job
How could've you messed up everything?
Have you seen this video? it's amazing
Hip hop! woohoo!
When problem needs deep consideration
When you're at work and trying to play it cool but the text is just so damn cute
Happy to work together
Five minutes before getting fired
Holy cow! what a rush!
Totally involved in work process
Busy with all these work stuff
It's always good time for a selfie
Discussing agenda item for the project
Focused on the telephone dicussion
Two gossiping machines
Two gossiping machines
When work is also a pleasant time spending
In the middle of intensive teamworking
We should get some more info about this
Oh these photos from last sunday are really nice!
Ice and fire makes perfect business team
This is what i'm talking about
You are a total failure, you understand?
Yeah, it's a goal!
Young beautiful couple watching something on their digital tablet