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When you're saying that you're in good shape i didn't expect to see this
When you're saying that you're in good shape i didn't expect to see this
Self love is the most important part of self care and it works like nothing else
Do you sometimes get that urgent need to weight the scales and then you realize
What a beautiful day to feel happy
I'm all ears
Look at me, i'm a beautiful creature
Friendly banter time
True happiness is impossible to conceal
Just me being me
Happy and confident
This smile is not a sign of happiness, it's my defence mechanism
Got caught in a whirl of happy memories
It has pockets!
I am an introvert, being lost in thoughts is my default setting
It'd suit perfectly as a belt for this jumpsuit
A frontal view
Sport makes me happy
90x60x90? how about perfect x perfect x perfect?
Thanks for visiting me please don't do it again, the way out is over here
We should reclaim pink colours back, they are nice and don't deserve the attitude the society translates towards them today
Everyday workouts is one of the main sources of my good mood
A three-quarter frontal view
Honestly, comfortable outfit and clean hair make like 90% of my confidence
Me, striking a pose every time i pass by a mirror in the living room
I am in a playful mood today
Building up the energy for the brand new day
Today's mood is warmth and light-hearted smiles
Making plans for the long-awaited day off is a truly uplifting thing
What do people do in their leisure time
Nice things and warm smiles
A frontal view, smiling
Here the list ends
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