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I don't remember buying any of these
I told you time and time again: i'm not as think as you drunk i am
Does this dress actually suit me or do i make myself think so because it's at 30% discount?
Hello, fire station? get your stuff ready 'cos i'm on fire today
Proud to be myself
You wanna have this? you'd better keep these thoughts to yourself
Not drunk, just alternatively sober and feeling like queen
Have a dance with me
Think twice before wasting my time, boy
Who said you can't buy happiness
Have i bought everything that i needed? yes. do i have any money left? probably. should i check that new shop at the corner of the mall? we both know the answer
Wait, who is the winner? me? no way
If you wanna get me interested you'll need to try harder than that, baby
Draw me like one of those renaissance paintings
Pretty and confident
Don't you worry, a nice little scarf from the newest collection, i'll come back to you as soon as i tuck all these bags in my car
My type of self care
I can take it home? like, i won it? for real? wow
Lost in feelings
I am my own greatest aesthetic
Wait, what was that sound?
I'd say i'm interested but mama taught me to never lie
That moment when you see your boss at the shopping mall after you've just successfully taken a sick leave faking a cough for five minutes straight
It fits perfectly in my aesthetic of pale autumn colours
I know exactly what the danish girl felt when she tried that dress on for the first time of her life
It feels so right
I know what i'll be wearing today
What do you mean this is not a phone, i've been talking for forty minutes
Welp, that was expectable
Don't mess with me, my pretty dress won't stop me from punching you in the face
I choose you
This is how i feel on the inside
Oh, yet another drama i don't wanna be a part of but will gladly watch the show
Is it me or did that guy just called me daenerys
You'd better not play with my feelings, trust me, you're not gonna like the outcome
Um yeah, i've found a walkie-talkie like you told me, what's next
My level of friendliness for today is 100%
Way to make yourself feel better in mere seconds
Close your eyes, let the feelings speak
Looking like a princess, feeling like a queen
And what exactly made you think that you're worthy my time?
Feeling like i'm finally living my true life and it's perfect
That new spring collection was irresistible and i have literally zero (0) regrets about it
The game is on
I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt but i'll make these high heels work
As an early bird i have an advantage of having enough time to try on a few dresses before leaving the house to choose which one suits my today's mood the most
Whatever is going on over there i'm not impressed
Forget about everything, just breathe and let the feeling flow
Don't disrespect me like that
Wait, i've just realised i forgot to buy the bread i originally came here for
Should i..?
A difficult but important decision
Not sure if i like the zips, but the overall look is pretty nice
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